Pdfsam is a program that creates pdf documents from existing ones
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Pdfsam stands for PDF Split and Merger and it is an application that allows the creation of Acrobat documents (.pdf files) through several different processes, for instance, you can split an existing document, merge several existing documents into just one, and reorder different pages from several documents into a sole document.

Pdfsam comes in two versions: the basic, free one, and an enhanced version that, although open source, is only available in source code to those who “donate” at least 1$.

This is a very easy-to-use application; it is very useful if you have different pdf documents you need to reorder, merge, or split. This is, nevertheless, a small application. You will not be able to read your pdf from within it. The maximum zoom only allows you to take a glance at your file. So you should definitely know it well before trying to change it or create another one with Pdfsam. There is, of course, an internal viewer, which allows you to look closely at a single page.

In conclusion, if you need to do one of the specified operations, and you are working with small documents, this application will get the job done.

Pdfsam is a Java application, so you will need Java Environment installed to use it. New in this version is the visual reorder and composer. It also includes a bug fix.

Fernando César
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  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Robust


  • Not suited for complex tasks
  • Only splits whole pages
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